Blake O'Hare's School of Computer Science

Python 101

Here is the LiveStream page.

Lessons are broadcast live at 7PM PST every Friday and will be availble for on demand viewing afterwards.

UPDATE: The first session was an utter disaster. I ran two practice sessions without a hitch, but this time the stream stopped several times and all data was lost except for one clip...a clip in the middle that would make no contextual sense by itself. I will now be posting non-live sessions using YouTube. I will also re-record what happened in this last session and re-post it as a series of youtube videos some time this weekend for those of you who missed all the technical difficulty shenanigans.


How to Install Python

Lesson 1

Lesson 1A - From Punch Cards to Code
Lesson 1B - From C to Python
Lesson 1C - The Basics of Python
Lesson 1D - Basic Interactivity
Lesson 1E - If Statements
Lesson 1F - While Statements

After watching these, I realize how often I say the word "so". Please do not turn it into a drinking game. I'll try to get better.

Homework 1

Go to Project Euler and register an account. Project Euler is a collection of programming challenges. They start out quite simple and increase in difficulty. Solve the first problem.


Lesson 2

Lesson 2A - if, elif, else
Lesson 2B - if, elif, else, and the Winter Olympics
Lesson 2C - Booleans and Lists
Lesson 2D - For Loops

Lesson 3

Lesson 3A - Functions
Lesson 3B - Recursion and Scope
Lesson 3C - Tic Tac Toe