Blake O'Hare's School of Computer Science

How to Install Python

Open up your Internet Browsing Machine and go to

It might seem odd that I'm asking you to launch or you browser from a web page, but I originally wrote this script to post as a video tutorial just to make sure there were no technical difficulties with posting videos to LiveStream, but due to technical difficulties, I have posted a web page tutorial instead.

Click Download.

Find the 2.7.1 Windows Installer. Download it.

Click on it to run it. Or for other browsers just hit "Run".

Yes, you really do want to run it.

Select All Users. Or just yourself. It doesn't really matter.

C:\Python27\ is fine. If you actually do have a strong preference about where it goes, then you probably wouldn't be reading the illustrated tutorial.

Next. The more the merrier.

Programming is about patience...

Yay, you're done. Almost.

Find Python 2.7 in your Start Menu(TM) and click on IDLE.

A window like this will pop up. This is where you will watch code run. Run code run.

But how can you watch code run without writing it first? From the file menu, click New Window.

This will bring up what appears to be a completely empty-looking window that sort of looks quite a bit like notepad. This is where you will write code.

Write some code to make sure it's working. Type this:

print "Hello, World!"

Now run it by choosing "Run Module" from the Run menu or by simply hitting F5. You'll be prompted to save the file before running it. Save it where ever it is you like to save files. My Documents or the Desktop or whatnot.

If you look back at the other window you should see "Hello, World!" in blue. If not, something went wrong and you need to buy a new computer.

You are now ready to code in Python! Unless you didn't see the blue text, in which case you are not. I'd recommend finding someone in the IRC channel to help you. We're in #BOSoCS on EsperNet. If no one responds in there, try #NerdParadise or #TwoCans.